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Vehicle Graphics and Wraps in Brampton, ON

Custom Fleet Graphics in Brampton, ON
Develop your business’ advertising potential by adding designs and graphics to your fleet vehicles. Vivid Signs and Graphics Inc. provides fleet graphics in Brampton, ON, and the surrounding areas to give your company’s cars and vans a unique and colorful look. This transforms them into mobile billboards, allowing you to advertise effectively wherever your fleet is needed.
Furthermore, once you’ve decided on your vehicle’s logos and decals, our crew may duplicate them as many times as you require. This ensures that every vehicle in your fleet has the same appearance and that you can place them on new cars or trucks at any moment. To learn more about our vehicle graphics solutions, contact us.
Custom Green Wrapped Car
A and G Windows and Doors Graphic on a Pickup

Application Types

You may use your fleet for advertising in various ways, depending on your needs. We can create vinyl wraps and car decals with your company name or logo. While out on the road, our vehicle graphics give an excellent opportunity for customers to recognize your vehicle. Graphics also provide a cost-effective advertising solution throughout the entire region.
Plus, when your service truck or car arrives at a client’s home or business, they can feel confident in your company. Give your automobile the makeover it deserves with vinyl wraps or car decals.
Vinyl wraps are giant car decals that cover a significant vehicle area. They provide wide-ranging choices and allow more space for information. When you choose a vinyl wrap, you’ll indeed be spotted by many in town.
Car decals are smaller than vinyl wraps, but they offer more flexibility in decal placement and are excellent for promoting your business. Regardless of the solution you choose, vehicle graphics are a proven way to advertise your company effectively. They also help establish trust in your services and make your business memorable.

Custom Designs

Our designers are always available to assist you in deciding which graphics to use on your vehicles. We will guide you when selecting the appropriate lettering, colors, and fonts for your business and creating decals with your logo.
Moreover, we will also help you determine what information to include on your vinyl wrap. Contact information for your organization, relevant services, and TSSA numbers are all examples of information that can be included. Whatever graphics you choose for your fleet, our experts will ensure they look great.
A Black Van Wrapped with Bethel Apostolic's Branded Graphics
A White Van Wrapped with Rooter Man's Branded Graphics
Mad Vehicle Wraps