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Graphic Designs in Brampton, ON

Graphic Designs in Brampton, ON
Vivid Signs and Graphics Inc.’s graphic designers can assist you in bringing your creative concept to life. Our design team consists of experts who have received considerable design training. By using the most up-to-date design software, we can develop effective and eye-catching graphic designs in Brampton, ON, and the surrounding areas. The following are some examples of things we can design for:
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Vehicle Wrap
Marker Rendering

Striking Vinyl Wrap for Cars

Transform your vehicle into a rolling billboard with our custom vinyl wrap for cars in Brampton, ON. We specialize in creating bold graphics on vinyl wraps that get your message in front of consumers. Hence, this can be an effective advertising method for cars, trucks, and others. This is called transit or vehicle advertising.


Transit advertising effectively reaches more potential customers for your business at a lower cost per impression than most other advertising mediums. Plus, their placement and size make them especially impactful. Explore your options for vehicle wraps with our technicians and learn how they can benefit your business. Contact us today to learn more.

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Vivid Signs and Graphics Inc. is a seasoned provider of car wrap design services. With over 30 years of being in the business, our immense knowledge of design libraries has always resulted in 100% client satisfaction. Even better, we have adopted some of the best technologies to deliver car wrap designs relevant to your needs.

Benefits of Using Vinyl Vehicle Wrap


Many business owners use custom vinyl vehicle wraps to display their ads. Through this, they can save money since they don’t need to rent space for billboards and other marketing materials. Their only investment is the one-time cost of the wrap, which will continue to pay off as their business gains exposure.

Great Protection

A layer of vinyl over your car’s original paint will protect your car from dirt. You can also easily swap out portions of the vinyl wrap as needed and forego expensive repairs for chips and dings.